The Art

Inside our premises, you are not only surrounded by tempting aromas from the food served but also by powerful art. The piece “Tiden” by Kjell Erik Killi-Olsen and “Discopung” by Roald Anders D.Y. invite for good discussions and lingering gazes.  

“Tiden” by Kjell erik killi-olsen

Inside our premises, you are not only surrounded by tempting aromas from the food served, but also by powerful art. The artwork “Tiden”, which translates to “Time”, by Kjell Erik Killi-Olsen adorns both short walls in the restaurant, serving as the first thing you encounter upon entering and the last thing you see when leaving. Much like time itself; both the beginning and the end.

The art was specifically created for the embellishment of Gubalari in Killi-Olsen’s home in Vågå and consists of a multitude of figures and forms recognizable from his other productions. Chicken wire constitutes the framework of the piece, covered with papier-mâché, glue, and cotton. The color is the same as the other walls in the restaurant.

The magical, expressive, and at times grotesque figures contrast with more mundane objects like a basket and a ball, which are also integrated into the artwork. The different figures evoke associations with the supernatural, and as an observer, one is invited into a unique world, a life, and a moment.

One wall of Killi-Olsen’s “Tiden” inside Gubalari.

“Discopung” by Roald Anders D.Y.

It’s hard not to notice this striking artwork placed in the center of the room. “Discopung,” which translates to “Disco balls,” is a large sculpture covered with hand-glued mirror pieces by artist Roald Anders D.Y, resembling a disco ball. Initially intended as a humorous piece, it turned out to open up for more serious discussions related to men’s health. While Discopung invites conversation about art itself, it also encourages discussions about men’s intimate health, perhaps of a more serious nature.

The artwork represents the most vulnerable point for men physically, crucial regarding reproduction, and therefore essential to take care of. However, it’s not always easy to talk about, hence it’s valuable to normalize the subject through art. Everyone benefits from discussing difficult things in life – mental health is as important as physical health.

Kunst av Kjell Erik Killi Olsen